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The most common cause of Sciatica is from minor trauma. Minor trauma is typically a repetitive movement which over time eventually irritates the Sciatica nerve.

The second or least likly cause of Sciatica is the result of a major trauma. The most common major traumas we see on our chiropractic offices is from car related injuries and sports injuries.

The direct impact on the Sciatic nerve damages the nerve causing back and leg pain. On occasion the Sciatica symptoms also include burning tingling or numbness down the back of the leg into the foot.

How Chiropractic Relieves Sciatica


Chiropractic spinal adjustments help relieve neck pain in three major ways.

First, the chiropractic adjustment can unlock the jammed joints of the neck relieving your neck pain.

Second, chiropractic adjustments also relive any associated pinching of the spinal nerves and releasing joint pressure resulting which causes neck pain.

Third, chiropractic adjustments gently move the spinal vertebrae which relieves disc pressure resulting form a disc bugle or disc herniation.

Therapy to Relieve Sciatica



We use several types of therapies to relieve the pain and discomfort of Sciatic leg pain.

  • Spinal decompression therapy is often used to separate the inter vertebral bones which in turn reduce disc irritation on the Sciatic nerve.
  • Electrical muscle stimulation is used to decrease the pain and inflammation. The impulses act as a type of nerve block which reduces the pain of Sciatica.
  • Cryotherapy is used to reduce the inflammation of the Sciatic nerve. Reducing the inflammation minimizes the pain of Sciatica.
  • One of the latest therapies we have found to have a significant impact for the relief of Sciatic pain is Cold Laser Therapy. Cold Laser Therapy stimulates the irritated and inflamed Sciatic nerve to regenerate which reduces the pain and irritation.




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