Most Common Causes and Effective Treatment for Pinched Nerve Pain Relief!

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The most common cause of a spinal pinched nerve typically results from injury irritation of one of three tissues, the spinal disc, the spinal joints, compression of spinal vertebrae. Any of these factors can result form a minor or major trauma.

The spinal nerve come out from between the bones of the spine and the disc. When the disc is bulging it can compress the spinal nerve causing pain, tingling or numbness into the arms or legs.



Therapy to Relieve Pinched Nerve


The most effective therapies to relieve a spinal pinched nerve include:

  • Chiropractic spinal manipulation treatment is the process of gently moving the bones of the spine with the goal of relieving any impingement of a spinal pinched nerve.
  • Spinal decompression therapy is used to separate or open the joints of the spine which may be compressing the spinal pinched nerve.
  • Massage therapy is helpful to relax associated muscle tension resulting from pinching of the spinal nerves.

Each therapy has it’s own powerful therapeutic effects, the goal is to determine the primary source of your spinal pinched nerve and apply the appropriate therapy.


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