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There are several different causes of low back pain. The two main categories are major trauma and minor trauma.

  1. Minor trauma are generally repetitive activities which individually do not cause back pain. However when minor trauma over time eventually starts to cause significant wear and tear producing back pain.
  2. Major trauma is more obvious and typically occurs as a result of an accident or injury.

The trauma typically injuries one of three tissue in the back.

  • The spinal disc
  • Spinal pinched nerves
  • Spinal joint jamming

Injuries to these structures in the back will cause pain which results in your bodies response to close down or tighten the area and your body does this by causing muscle tension or spasms.

The muscle spasms alone are frequently not the origin of the back pain but the bodies reaction to protect itself.


How Chiropractic Helps Disc Herniation



The chiropractic care can helps with spinal disc herniations or disc bulges affecting three main areas.

When we deliver the chiropractic treatment it helps to open the disc space relieving pressure on a herniated disc.

By relieving the disc pressure this allows the nerve irritations to be reduced which helps to subside the related pain.

Also when the nerve pressure is reduces the reflex muscle spasm diminish relieving associated muscle spasms.

Therapy to Relieve Disc Herniation





Some of the therapies we use to relieve disc herniations and disc bulges:

  1. Spinal disc decompression creates a negative pressure within the disc essentially retracting the disc herniation.
  2. Ice therapy is used to decrease the inflammation by contracting the vessels and decrease the nerve conducton or pain signal.
  3. Cold laser therapy stimulates healing at the cellular level by promoting cellular regeneration which speeds up the recovery process.
  4. Electrical muscle stimulation is a mild form  of electrical current which reduces muscle spams associated with disc herniation and nerve irritation. E-stim also alters the nerve conduction signal which acts like an electrical nerve block reducing pain.
  5. Intersegmental traction therapy is a passive motion therapy which gently moves the spinal bones thereby decreasing inflammation and increasing spinal mobility without pain.


Spinal Disc Decompression Therapy

Spinal disc decompression helps to reduce disc herniation and reduce the likelihood of surgery.

We place a special harness on the upper abdomen and lower pelvis to act a a stabilizing intermittent traction

The spinal decompression therapy gently separates the spine causing a pulling and release effect. It is the combination when appropriately applied that creates separation within the intervertebral space creating a vacuum The vacuum effect pulls the disc herniation back into the intervertebral disc space reducing the disc herniation.

One of the main reasons spinal disc decompression therapy is effective in relieving disc herniation is the therapy overcomes the body’s natural response to contract. This in effect allows for greater pull and greater response.



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