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There are several different causes of low back pain. The two main categories are major trauma and minor trauma.

  1. Minor trauma are generally repetitive activities which individually do not cause back pain. However when minor trauma over time eventually starts to cause significant wear and tear producing back pain.
  2. Major trauma is more obvious and typically occurs as a result of an accident or injury.

The trauma typically injuries one of three tissue in the back.

  • The spinal disc
  • Spinal pinched nerves
  • Spinal joint jamming

Injuries to these structures in the back will cause pain which results in your bodies response to close down or tighten the area and your body does this by causing muscle tension or spasms.

The muscle spasms alone are frequently not the origin of the back pain but the bodies reaction to protect itself.


Therapy to Relieve Back Pain



There are several therapies we use in our chiropractic offices to relieve back pain. These are some of the therapies we use and why we use them.

  • Ice therapy: Ice therapy can be used as direct ice compression, ice pack or contrast therapy which is used in association with hot packs. The primary purpose of using ice therapy to relieve back pain is to decrease the nerve conduction or the pain signal and to constrict vessels which helps to decrease inflammation.
  • Hot packs are primary used after the acute phase of back pain to reduce chronic muscle tension.
  • Traction is very useful to relieve back pain associated with disc bulges or disc herniation. Traction is the process of gently separating the spinal bones to relieve the bulging disc. We have found traction when used in conjunction with a muscle relaxer therapy is very effective for reliving disc related back pain.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation: One of the most effective therapies to relieve back pain as a result of muscle tension or spasms is muscle stimulation. Muscle stimulation is a mild form of current which has several therapeutic effects.
    • Decrease Inflammation
    • Decrease muscle tension
    • Block back pain nerve signal
  • Cold Laser Therapy: Cold laser stimulates the injured cells of the body to speed up healing.

How Chiropractic Treatment Relieves Back Pain




Chiropractic spinal manipulation is the process of gently moving the bones of the spinal to relieve pain and restore motion.

Chiropractic treatments are on of the most effective forms of therapy to relieve back pain resulting from abnormal muscle, bone and joint movement. By gently moving the affected spinal joints the chiropractic treatment can affect four areas of the spine which are common factors causing back pain and they are:

  • Helps to relieve spinal disc pressure resulting in disc bulges or disc herniation.
  • Relieves back pain from spinal pinched nerves.
  • Frees up the jamming of the spinal joints
  • By affecting one or all three of these inflamed tissue chiropractic spinal treatment also helps to relieve muscle tension and spasms common with back pain.





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