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There are three main ways we help our auto accident injury patients.

First is using the appropriate therapy in each of the three phases of healing.

During the inflammation phase our therapeutic goals are to reduce your pain and inflammation.

The importance of the repair phase of healing is to receive physical medicine such as chiropractic treatment to help the injured tissue return to normal in all three joint ranges of motion.

The last phase of healing requires therapy to increase the injured tissue strength and elasticity. The purpose for this is to prevent the possibility of a permanent injury and recurrences.

Documentation of all your injuries is vital in the event you have a claim and your case goes to trial. Our doctors are trained in the proper documentation of auto injuries and if necessary will provide this information in the court of law.



Who Pays for Auto Accident Injury Treatment?

Michigan is a personal injury state your auto insurance will cover your chiropractic treatment will cover the necessary and related therapy.

In addition the at fault drivers insurance policy can cover the required auto injury treatment as well as some third party major medical insurance plans.

How Auto Injuries are Compensated



Compensation for auto injuries can be complicated however to simplify the payment for a auto injury there are three main categories.

The three main categories of how auto related injuries are paid are:

  1. Lost Wages
  2. Permanent Injury
  3. Pain and Suffering


Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Due to the complexities and ever changing personal injury laws it would be our recommendation to consult with a personal injury attorney in the event of an auto accident.

After the consultation you would be in a much better position to make an informed decision as to if you should hire a personal injury attorney.

Should You Talk to the Insurance Adjuster? 

Be aware the insurance adjuster has the right to gather basic information regarding your auto accident injury.

However if you feel you are not being treated fairly you can hire a personal injury attorney at which time the auto insurance adjuster would have to communicate through the attorney.

When You Should Settle the Insurance Claim? 

Many times patients ask me when should they settle their auto injury claim. The answer is when all your treating physicians have given you a medical release.

A medical release means in their opinion they feel you injury has either healed 100% or it has healed as much as you body will allow and there may now be permanency.



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